Did someone tell you that you have to spend lots of money on expensive Wagyu Beef? Did you know that you can purchase a stick of Wagyu Beef, on the streets in Japan, for only 600 JPY (about SGD $7.50)? Each stick has 5 thick juicy pieces of Wagyu beef? In Singapore, the same portion could cost you S$25-50. Waraugumi is going to be writing another article about Wagyu beef soon, to provide insight on the different grades of Wagyu beef and how they are priced. We’ll also provide insight as to how you can identify the type and grade of beef just by looking at it and/or touching it. For now, just know that Wagyu beef is not always that expensive.

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Good news for you, Singaporeans! We have a local hawker that sells Wagyu beef donburi (Wagyu beef on rice) at ONLY S$10 NETT! WOW! That’s a really good price for wagyu beef with rice. Most places usually sell it for more. Waraugumi finally had the opportunity to visit this place called Gyunami. Gyunami is owned and run by three young entrepreneurs. Inspired by what was seen and tasted in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Daniel and his friends launched this business at the age of 25. This is a really great idea, to sell WAGYU BEEF at S$10 ONLY!

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Besides the low price on this dish, we also like it for other reasons. Firstly, it has a really nice pink appearance on the dish. It’s roasted with a very beautiful rare that just makes you drool. One thing I absolutely love about beef is when the meat is roasted but not losing its pinkness. Its beautiful red-pink shines in your eyes. For those well-done eaters out there, this might make you convert to at least a medium rare. And the color of the white yogurt complements the redness of the meat. I loved the tenderness of the meat.

The texture was actually very nice to chew on. I just loved biting into it. And the yolk from the sous vide egg made me wanna just put another slice of meat in my mouth. I liked it with the yogurt actually and the dash of togarashi (always love togarashi) but not so much of the onion sauce. Onion sauce was alright, but you really have to mix it well with the yogurt and the egg yolk to create a nice blend on your palate. That’s a personal opinion. Overall, we still enjoyed the meal and it was quite filling.

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If you are looking for Wagyu beef rice at an affordable price. You can try the flavor that Gyunami has brought to the shores of Singapore. For those working in CBD area, Gyunami is actually relatively near you. It lies on the second floor of Amoy Food Centre.

Cash Payment Only

7 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069111
Amoy Food Centre