Think you’ve tried all there is to ramen? Kajiken introduces a new twist to the dish with their brothless mazesoba-only menu.

It’s no secret that the ubiquitous ramen dish is a Singaporean favourite, and we at Waraugumi are no stranger to a piping hot bowl of ramen; all the better if it’s on a cold day too! Yet while old may be gold when it comes to traditional ramen, we can’t help but yearn for a little pizzazz to our noodle favourite from time to time. That’s where Kajiken comes in with their dedicated menu of dry mazesoba dishes. For the uninitiated, ‘Maze’ means ‘to mix’, and mazesoba is a soupless version of the standard ramen dish. Yes, we understand the irony of a ramen dish having a soba name, but true blue foodies always let the food do the talking!

Step into this cosy restaurant along Tanjong Pagar Road, and the intricately-designed lanterns hanging languidly above the counter hooks your attention immediately. This twenty-seater ramen store is decked out in a simple monochromatic palette, accompanied with simple chairs and tables. The tangy aroma of spring onions and chili wafts from the counter as the chef preps the orders, giving diners a glimpse of the chef’s ardent mazesoba preparation.

Start off with their signature Nagoya-styled Mazesoba – the oil-based ramen dish is crammed with a hearty helping of spring onion, spicy minced meat, seaweed slices, and topped with a soft boiled egg on top. Don’t tuck in just yet though! A friendly exclamation on the wall reminds you to mix the toppings and ramen thoroughly to experience the blend of flavours fully.

Remember to mix thoroughly before tucking in
Remember to mix thoroughly before tucking in!

Take a bite of the ramen mixture and the heavy scent of seaweed and spring onion hits you face first. The spiciness of the mincemeat follows next, but its tanginess does well by not overpowering the overall flavour of the dish. Coupled with the gooey goodness from the runny yolk and the al dente texture of the ramen noodles, this heady piquant mix will have you tucking in bite after bite without pause.

Don’t just stop at their Nagoya Mazesoba though; Kajiken also serves their mazesoba with toppings of cod roe with mayonnaise and sliced chashu (or char siew as we call it), but we give our thumbs up to their mazesoba served with chicken karaage; the chicken is crunchy and fried to perfection. Can’t decide between all the tasty looking choices? Then their mazesoba with all toppings is the one for you – this all-in-one dish is filled to the brim with eggs, pork, chicken karaage, and cod roe.

Nagoya-styled Mazesoba
Nagoya-styled Mazesoba

Each ramen order comes with a side of chicken broth, but we took a particular liking to the free flow tea served to each table. As tasty as the ramen may be, diners may want to pause for sips of tea in between bites to moist the palate. What’s more, diners can opt to upsize their bowl of ramen at no extra cost too!

If you’re looking for a fancy Japanese meal with an eight-course omakase, then this cosy resto ain’t for you. But if a simple meal with great taste and a homely atmosphere with friends after work sounds like your cup of tea, then we promise that you’ll find what you are looking for at Kajiken.

Kajiken, 101 Tanjong Pagar Road, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 088522. Opening Hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm