In the basement of the forgotten Liang Court exists an omelette rice shop that many don’t seem to find Instagram worthy. Big mistake. I’m here to present one dish many are missing out on in this place. Rice is easy to cook, but a runny omelette with a delicious sauce to complement it isn’t easy. Pecori has got a flavour that many of you are really missing out. Introducing the Mentaiko Cream Omu Rice (S$12.80 Net).

Picture a beautiful creamy, non-oily looking texture of a sauce, fill with mentaiko (cod roe). The light pinkish beauty of it flickering in your sight when you open and close your eyes at night, trying to sleep. Now think of the bright glistening yellow of an omelette… My goodness, let me save you the effort…just look at the picture below and keep it your mind at night. But pictures alone don’t do food justice. It’s really all about the taste.

Now imagine putting that beautiful meal into your mouth. First, feel the texture of the cream in your mouth with your palate, not too thick nor too heavy nor too light. Then taste the sweetness of the cream blending with the omelette and rice on your tongue. I’ll honestly say that the sauce really made the dish worth the buck. It stole the thunder on the dish. Omelette Rice without the rice, you have to make sure it is well seasoned. Otherwise it will be better to pond the dish with some good sauce like Mentaiko Cream. There is no other outlet in Singapore selling what Pecori is selling. Don’t think of it as “just a sauce”. If you can’t do it at home, start learning from the professionals through taste.

Pecori serves other types of sauces to go with the omurice, including the traditional demiglaze sauce. They also serve provide a set combination, for just S$2 more, that includes free flow panna cotta for the dessert lovers, making your meal even sweeter, and a salad bar.

Get your tongues down to B1 of Liang Court to try out the Mentaiko Cream Omurice by Pecori. Good for pre and post-grocery shopping at Meidi-ya Supermarket, which is also situated at B1 of Liang Court.



Pecori, 177 River Valley Road, #B1-50, Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030
Telephone: +65 9234 4930
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm. Open Everyday