It’s August, and that means matsuri, matsuri, and more matsuri! We are in the deep of Natsu Matsuri, or Summer Festival season, but we still can’t get enough of the festival foods and games! From yo-yo tsuri to senbonbiki, there’s a plethora of games you can try your hand at the Summer Festival stores! Check out our list of recommended games to play when you’re at a Natsu Matsuri.


If you are a fan of surprises, why not try your hand at this simple game of luck? Bundles of small tokens and prizes are attached to long strings and tied on a stand. Simply choose a string which you think will have the prize that you want, and follow the trail (don’t yank the string!) to find out your winning gift.


Shateki (Gun-Shooting)

Fancy yourself a sharpshooter? Toss a coin to the games store owner and pick up one of the air guns at the booth! To win, all you have to do is hit or knock down the toys on display with the gun pellet. It may take a few tries, but the prize is definitely worth it!


Yo-yo Tsuri

This game is a definite hit with our Waraugumi crew! All you have to do is to use a small hook which is attached to a string of paper, and try to fish up the multitude of colourful swirled balls floating in the tank. While it may look simple, you would need to avoid getting the paper wet while catching as many yo-yo balls as you can. Psst… here’s a tip from us: Go for the smaller lighter ones and you’ll do just fine!


Wanage (Ring Tossing)

If Shateki isn’t your cup of tea, then test your skills at the Wanage games booth. For those with deft hands, simply aim for the bottle with the number of the prize you are going for and toss the ring around the bottle! There may be other variations where you would toss the rings around the prize instead, which may be a small figurine or object too. Basketball players, this game should be a cinch for you!


Kingyo Sukui (Goldfish Scooping)

As the name of the game implies, you would be getting involved in fishing when you pop by this games store! No fishing rods are provided here; instead you’ll have to use a tool called a ‘Poi’ (which is a net with washi paper) to scoop up the goldfish. It does take some skills to catch the moving fishes, but it’s totally worth it!


Super Ball Sukui/ Character Sukui

Similar to Kingyo Sukui, these games also involves a fair amount of scooping skills too! Instead of goldfishes, Super Ball Sukui features colourful bouncy balls that can be scooped from the pool. On the other hand, Character Sukui replaces the lively goldfishes with small character figurine which can be scooped up too!




If, like us, you are heading down to the Summer Festival 2017 at the Japanese Primary School today, don’t forget to purchase your game tickets at the front office before exchanging them for a turn at the games stores! A Natsu Matusri isn’t complete without the tasty-licious foods at the open-air stores as well, so check out our Natsu Matsuri food guide too.