Need some equipment in your kitchen to help you with the cooking process? For both businesses and household consumers, you can now relax a little in the kitchen with tools that will really get you cooking again.

1. Pasta/Ramen Machine

Exhibitor: Fujiseki Co Ltd

Booth: C22

This is every pasta/ramen lover’s dream. Want to make your pasta/ramen at home? Here is your chance. Grab the technique from YouTube and get doughy with this pasta/ramen machine. There is no better time to learn to cook than now. To all the men out there who want to impress your dates, I’m certain this will really make your next Christmas/Valentine date great. Forget processed and make your own ravioli/ramen for your beloved. There is nothing more sincere than original handmade gifts. When we say gift, we mean “Food, time, toys, flowers, acts of kindness etc.” You get the idea. If you don’t, then all the best to you.


2. Cooking Oil Filter Machine

Exhibitor: Komatsu Seisakusho Co Ltd

Booth: G22

Those of you who are obsessed with oily and greasy food but find it hard to clean your fryer? Here is something you might want to check out. This cooking oil filter machine will help you to get your fryer cleaned out faster. It also reduces the oil cost while you produce consistently deliciously fried Jolibee-styled chicken. Laughing Samurai loves Jolibee, one of the rare times he eats oily food.


3. iMaki Maki Sushi Making Machine

Exhibitor: Fujiseki Co Ltd

Booth: C22

Fujiseki has got another machine to turn you, maki (rolled) sushi lovers, hard on. You might be afraid to make your own maki because of the lack of experience or the lack of confidence. You might be afraid of how your maki might look crap-shaped. Fujiseki is here to help you curb that fear. Introducing the iMaki Maki Sushi Making Machine. With this machine, you can now make your own maki at home without fear of messing up on the rolling. This thing has got it rollin’ for you, roller.

Ready to mess up your kitchen again? Don’t worry, the learning curve will be more manageable with these things. Head down to Food Japan 2017 this week to find out more about these useful tools. It will reignite the fire for cooking.