Laughing Samurai

Here are the list of ingredients for a size of about 3-4 pax:
– 3 litres of water (I only used 2 in the video)
– 40g of konbu
– 50-70g of katsuobushi (bonito flakes; I used 300g in my video cause I like the taste of katsuobushi)


Step 1:     Clean the konbu using a damp cloth. Gently wipe it, especially the parts with the white spots.  DON’T WASH IT! I repeat: DON’T WASH IT!




Step 2:     Soak in water for about 3-6 hours. Overnight would be ideal. (Chefs usually soak overnight). If you are lazy, 30-60 minutes is fine.




Step 3:     Boil on medium heat until it just starts to boil. Don’t go to boiling. Turn off the heat when it just barely starts to boil. Turn off the heat and remove the konbu. Then let the broth cool for about 5-10 minutes.





Step 4:     Next, add katsuobushi to the broth and bring it up to a boil. BOIL IT!!! WAHHHHH!!!! LET THE FLAVOR BE PRESSURED OUT!!! YEA!!!



Step 5:     Once done, place a kitchen paper towel into a strainer (use about 3-4 pieces of kitchen roll). Then slowly strain everything out like you see in the video and in the picture.




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