More often than not, we would catch ourselves having to describe the taste of certain Japanese dishes to our Muslim friends. This dilemma is all too common, especially when most Japanese foods regularly use non-halal ingredients which our Muslim friends would have to avoid consuming. That’s why we are glad that Hararu Izakaya has opened its doors for business, ’cause we can finally rave about the awesome taste of Japanese cuisine with our friends!

Step into this unique Izakaya at Bussorah Street
Step into this unique Izakaya at Bussorah Street


Nestled amongst the hip restos of Bussorah Street, this young Izakaya place serves up a delectable selection of Japanese cuisine made with halal ingredients and cooking preparations. Are the dishes still as tasty even though they’ve been prepped differently? You bet! You may start off your meal with appetisers such as Chicken or Shrimp Gyoza, or salad sides of Chicken Tofu or Salmon Avocado. But we prefer diving straight into their mains: Tuck into their charcoal-grilled Salmon Belly, marinated to taste with shio and sansho pepper; or go for the grilled Salmon choice, which comes served with teriyaki sauce.

Hararu Izakaya’s menu also offer a modest selection of fried foods and noodles as well. Help yourself to a plate of Tori Katsu or Tori Karaage for a taste of their fried chicken, or choose the breaded oysters Kaki Fry if you’d like something more bite-sized. Nothing says ‘refreshing’ in Singapore’s weather than a plate of cold soba dipped in tsuyu, so we’d gladly order the Zaru Soba off the noodle menu!

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If you are looking for a place to chill with friends after work, a mix platter of kushiyaki with diced chicken and beef would be a good choice to go with a couple of drinks. And by drinks, we mean mocktails, sodas, juices, and milkshakes; they are a halal restaurant after all! Stop by Hararu for lunch, and you’ll find yourself selecting from a different menu; you can opt to go for one of the four Donburi sets offered for lunch: the Unagi Don, Salmon Teriyaki Don, as well as Gyuniku and Tori Karaage as well.

Halal Japanese restaurants in Singapore are hard to come by, much less one with a well-designed atmosphere and good food; Hararu Izakaya has definitely gotten it down to a T. Do call in to book your spot before heading down though, as the restaurant has been a big hit so far!

Harāru Izakaya, 16 Bussorah St, Singapore 199437.
Telephone: +65 62915373
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Last Order at 10pm), Monday to Sunday