Guess what is returning to Singapore? Food Japan 2017 returns to the scene with its tempting display of exquisite tastes from Japan. Food Japan 2017 is organized on an annual basis, providing opportunities for F&B businesses in Japan and SE Asia. A unique feature of Food Japan 2017 is that the products are seasonal and specially brought in from specific Japanese prefectures. Is that important? DEFINITELY YES! Various prefectures in Japan are famous for their local produce. Here are some products you would want to check out.

1. Kura Single Grain Whiskey 8YO

Exhibitor: Synergy Link Holdings Ltd

Booth: C21

This is handcrafted Okinawan Single Rice Whiskey, also known as Awamori in Okinawa. It is reserved in selected North American white oak casks for 8 years. Kura is made from best quality Indica rice with black Koji, which is unique to Okinawa using traditional production methods of over 600 years of craftsmanship.


2. Samurai Ramen Gold

Exhibitor: Higashimaru Co Ltd

Booth: F07

The name of this product has caught the attention of Laughing Samurai whose stomach is ready to turn gold too. What is so golden about this product is that it is friendly to all race and cultures. It is completely Halal, giving our Muslim friends another opportunity to enjoy delicious ramen. This choice of ramen is produced without meat, fish, MSG, alcohol, chemical condiments or additives and preservatives. This golden slurpy is gluten-free and enjoyable by all humans, including vegans and vegetarians.



3. Gluten-free Spaghetti

Exhibitor: Ogata Village Akitakomachi Rice Producers Co Ltd

Booth: B08

This is gluten-free spaghetti made in Ogata Village, Akita Prefecture. This is spaghetti made with sprouted brown rice that is rich in nutrition.

Some of the other products that will be available at the event include:

  1. Kyoto Beef (Exhibitor: City of Kyoto; Booth: F02)
  2. Frozen Fruit Products like Strawberry, Mango and Pineapple, from Chiba and Okinawa (Exhibitor: Diglee Co Ltd; Booth: F24)
  3. Japanese Wagyu Beef from Yamagata (Exhibitor: Fine Food Japan Inc; Booth: A10)
  4. Unique Confectionary from Osaka, Mie and Saitama (Exhibitor: Akanemaru Co Ltd; Booth: G16)
  5. SAKE FROM NIIGATA!!! (Exhibitor: Niigata Meijo Co Ltd; Booth: G01)

and so much more…

For more information, check out Food Japan 2017 (click on the link).

The event runs from 26 Oct (Thu) to 28 Oct (Sat). Doors are opened from 10am-530pm on Thursday and Friday, and 11am-430pm on Saturday.

We hope to see you there!