This year’s Japan Food 2017 exhibition was a blast! With a wide array of food – both traditional and new – hailing from Japan, there was so much to see, taste, sample, and smell at this annual fair. Here’s our top 5 event highlights that definitely earned a like from us!


Food from various prefectures

One reason why we were so riled up for Food Japan 2017 is because of the congregation of various prefecture’s specialties! Oita Prefecture proudly showcased their honey products, while Chiba Prefecture brought their specialty snacks and stuffed dorayaki pastries too. On the other hand, Nagano Prefecture had brought a wide variety of unique products including Shimano apples, local miso brands, and beancurd products. But we were most taken with the various apple delights from Aomori, which came in the form of apple juices, apple pies, and even baked apple desserts!


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A plethora of Sake Breweries

Sake, sake, and more sake! The Food Expo was truly an eye-opener as native sake breweries took the opportunity to showcase their collection at Suntec, some of which we had never heard of before in Singapore. From various types of Junmai to Honjozo to Junmai Daiginjo, it was an arduous goal to sample a large array of sake samples during the expo (not that we are complaining!)


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New & Innovative Foods

We walked in thinking that we would find the usual food genres like sashimi, ramen, and sake; boy, were we glad to be wrong! New and innovative styles of foods could be found scattered throughout the fair, and challenged the visual norms of what we see as food. Fancy a spoonful of minced salmon served cold? We tried a side of rum raisin cheese dessert, and it was rather flavorful (although this writer would still prefer his brie and parmesan). Asides from that, you could also find novelties like blue apple jam and roasted brown rice coffee substitute. Other new innovations include Yasato Crystal sake, a new type of sake from Shiragiku brewery, and tea leaves made in a different manner to bring out its flavor. We could gush on all day, but it’s great to see so many new types of food from Japan!


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Japanese Beer is on point

And no, we aren’t referring to the Japanese staples like Asahi and Sapporo. Smaller brands like Coedo and Yamaguchi Narutaki Kogen featured excellent beer samples at the fair too; Coedo featured their Ruri and Shiro brand of beers, while Yamaguchi’s beers came with their weizen and IPA, while showcasing more fruity samples like yuzu and peach. If craft beers are up your alley, then these beers are a must-try!


Pottery with gradients of aquamarine & midnight blue

Beautiful Pottery

The expo may be about food, but we feel that these pottery outlets just can’t be ignored! Check out these one-of-a-kind glazed pottery pieces – they are truly a visual delight for the soul.

With Food Japan 2017 being a feast for the eyes and the palate alike, we can’t say we aren’t anticipating next year’s exhibition already!


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