We headed down to the Japanese Beautiful Life exhibition, held at Marina Bay Sands, awhile back and it was a real eye-opener! Organised by Murayama Singapore, the exhibition featured top lifestyle products and services straight from the Land of the Rising Sun. Here’s our top picks from the event!


Risel Hair Styling Booth

Fancy a stylish haircut to take away from the event? We checked out the queue at RISEL Hair’s booth, which was thronging with a long line of eager audiences. Hailing from the fashion capital of Shibuya, they’ve set up shop in Singapore with two outlets in tow. The crowd was definitely happy about their new styles as the stylists worked their magic with deft hands.



Daily Fashion Essentials

We stopped by Mandom Corp’s booth to pick up some daily facial care and makeup essentials such as the Tsururi facial wash and packs, as well as their Dolly Wink cosmetic line up too.


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Cooking Classes with Hitachi

Food is always a plus with the team; we were drawn to the aroma wafting from the Hitachi Cooking Classes area, where the participants made handmade cakes with Hitachi’s new line of oven appliances.


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Tasty Nosh with Kikkoman

And speaking of delicious, we were drawn to the smell of food at Kikkoman! The food sample was lovely, and the friendly staff gave us two bottles of Kikkoman sauce as well. Perhaps the Laughing Samurai could use them to make another tasty dish?


Gold Leaf Ice Cream with Beauty Kitchen

If you are looking to take a short break from the walk-about, have a seat at the mini café booths by Beauty Kitchen and JR East Railway café! What caught our fancy was the gold sheet ice cream sold by Beauty Café; it’s a tad expensive, but the ice cream was downright delicious.



Beautiful Porcelain Pieces from SuperMama

Local crafts store SuperMama had a fine collection of porcelain pieces decked out at the event too. While speaking with the owner of the store, we learned that each piece was made by craftsmen in Japan by hand before being shipped over to Singapore.


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Makeover Magic Fashion Show by Shunji Matsuo

The star segment for that day was, without a doubt, the Makeover Magic Fashion Show. A collaboration between the fashion stylists at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studios and Shiseido Professionals, we were impressed by the theme of the show. Similar to his fashion show at the School of the Arts last year, the hairstylist master Shunji Matsuo chose to work with women of ages 30 to 50+ years to show that beauty can be found in each and every woman. Amen to that!

Throughout the show one could see the vivacious energy of the models as they walked onstage with grace and elegance; the models moved from one theme to another, and ended with the Japanese and modern themes.


Kudos to Murayama Singapore for organising this awesome event! If you are interested in attending more of such events, stay tuned to their page here to look out for other upcoming events.