Despite being well- known for its ubiquitous green tea, Japan is also famous for its plethora of coffee blends across the land, with a large following of coffee drinkers enjoying this dark brew. Well, we Singaporeans needn’t hop on a plane to get a whiff of Japanese coffee; we’ll just stop by Hoshino Coffee for a piping hot cup for our fix!

Hoshino Coffee is a Japanese café-slash-restaurant with a Western decor in Singapore. Owned by D&N International, Hoshino Coffee originates from the famous Japanese coffee chain, Doutor. With Hoshino Coffee, its director Mr. Kengo Sakai hopes to spread the faith of Japanese coffee culture right here in Singapore too. But is it really as good as they say it is? Well let’s find out!

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Waraugumi had the privilege of attending a coffee seminar hosted by Hoshino Coffee recently. We have to say, the coffee-making process during the seminar was a pleasurable experience. Hand-dripped coffee, a specialty of Hoshino’s, is prepared with loving care by the team of baristas. The ground beans were prepared in the coffee filter and hot water poured in; the fragrant aroma arising from the mix was truly indescribable. The coffee lacked the sharp acrid taste that we were accustomed to, and it went down with a clean and smooth finish with the flavour still lingering after. We were also given the opportunity to try out the hand-dripped process ourselves; the whole session was very interactive and personal, with the staff guiding us through the entire process.

What was interesting to note was the whole team from Hoshino Coffee (including the waiters who emceed the event) took ownership and responsibility of the event and business. They put in the effort to guide us through the process of preparing hand-drip coffee on our own. Furthermore, the hand-dripped process is surprisingly easy to do, and it brings out the flavour of the coffee too; we feel that it’s something that can be appreciated for its simplicity.

Mr. Kengo Sakai, owner of Hoshino Coffee

Besides a demonstration and a hands-on participation experience, we also had the opportunity to learn more about the coffee market and the coffee culture in both Japan and Singapore. We were also introduced to different kinds of beans, such as Arabica and Robusta beans, and the difference between Single Origin and Blend.

Mr. Sakai also mentioned that there would be more seminars like this in the future, so do check out their page at Hoshino Coffee, or our page at Waraugumi as we’ll bring you further updates on their events!


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The Laughing Samurai

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