And it’s a wrap for Day One! This year’s Anime Festival Asia 2016 got off on an enthusiastic start; but don’t fret if you missed the opening day of the festival! With two more days of fun-filled activities, concerts, and merchandise to grab, you can be assured that the festival is just getting started. Here’s a few select events to watch out for!


Exercise with Domo

Head over to the Akiba Mini Stage where you can catch a glimpse of the lovable brown character in action! Brought to you by NHK World, you can dance along with Domo to his exercise routine ‘Domobics’

Catch the RAB in action

Cheer on the b-boy group Real Akiba Boys as they dance along to Anime-themed songs on the mini-stage in their signature comedic breakdancing style.

Watch your favourite cosplay strut their stuff

As if seeing famous names like KANAME☆ and Reika wasn’t enough, you can also get the opportunity to see all the celebrity cosplayers in action during the Cosplay All Stars segment!

JAM Project is going live!

As avid fans of their music, we’ll be damned if we miss this one! With a long discography of music from countless animes, we can’t wait to see (and hear) what they’ll be performing onstage!

Catch the screening of SOA the movie

Can’t get enough of the popular anime Sword Art Online? Head over to the Main Stage at 3.45pm to catch the pre-premiere of its latest movie ‘Ordinal Scale’; it won’t be released in Japan till 2017!



Experience Summer with Natsuiro Party

Comprised of 5 energetic girls, be infected by the vigour of Natusiro Party as they spread the zest of Summer through their songs and dance; catch them in action at the Akiba Mini Stage has they perform along popular Japanese pop songs.

PPMC unveils Tokimeiki JUMP

The lovely ladies at Tokimeiki JUMP are indeed a group of many talents; also the founders of the well-known Pika Pika Meido Café, the 6-member group will be trading their maid costumes for microphones as they perform onstage this Sunday!

Can you say PPAP?

God knows how many times we’ve heard this song, but we can’t stop ourselves from humming this catchy tune over and over again. Pikotaro, the singer of the viral tune in the original video, will be down here at the AFA in his signature gold bling shirt to perform live! Now excuse us while we search for an apple and pineapple for his segment.

Rock along with CHiCO and Honeyworks

The brains behind songs such as Ai no Scenario in Magic Kaito, the vocaloid song group Honeyworks and singer CHiCO will be performing live at the Anisong Concert! Catch their rock-themed lineup at 4pm onstage.

Go mecha with Kuromukuro

If mecha themes such as Gundam and Neon Genesis are your cup of tea, then head over to the Main Stage for a preview of the Director Tensai Okamura’s latest work, Kuromukuro. With a healthy dose of mecha, aliens, and a clash of past and present, you’ll be impressed by Kuromukuro’s detailed plot and artwork.



Photo Credits: Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016