There may be a booming cosplay scene in Singapore, but a lack of dedicated cosplay studios. LunarWorks Studio provides the answer with their new multi-themed photography studio.

Opened by cosplayers for cosplay and cosplay photography, Lunarworks is the first of its kind in Singapore with its multi-themed photography studio. The novel studio was designed for cosplayers to match their costumes to various themed backgrounds. The best part? Every prop in the studio has been carefully chosen, and most are actually done by the team at LunarWorks Studio themselves.

Located just 10 minutes away from Admiralty MRT, this unique studio at Primz Bizhub harbours five themed areas – Western, Japanese, the White Room, Stage Lights, and the Clock – suitable for cosplayers looking to take multiple outfits within a single studio. Be warned though; you’ll lose track of time trying out each room!

With a weekday rate of $25 per pax for 3 hours and $30 on weekends, cosplayers and their teams can make use of all the themed areas at a reasonable price. Photographers take note – lights and other paraphernalia comes with extra charges, so do bring along your own equipment if you need to!

Taking the opportunity to create some beautiful profile images for our two lovely ladies, Maria and Naoffi, Waraugumi recently headed down to the place for a gander of what LunarWorks had to offer!


Japanese Room

Featuring a warm autumn-ish feel, the Japanese room is the place for any Japanese-related cosplays. A large brilliant-red umbrella sits at the corner with a short bench and a tea set resting on it. Walk across the Zen stone garden and step into the interior, which has been given a touch of oriental elegance with its room divider and paper lanterns laid around. I would think that samurai cosplayers such as myself would want to try out this area of the studio. Overseeing the shoot meant I didn’t get my turn, but I will be heading back there soon!

Stage Lights

Perhaps the room with the Wow factor is the Stage Lights area. At first glance, it seems to be just a bunch of white LED lights, but press a remote and the lights instantly switch to a vivid purple, giving the room a concert-like feel; you can even switch on or off certain light bulbs for a varied atmosphere. Take a look at how Pikachu Fanboy uses the lights to his advantage.



The Clock

The Clock is a simply-designed room: a large clock brightly lit with white light. Nevertheless, the room exudes a London-ish feel that’ll go well with a Western-styled outfit. Don’t believe us? Just check out Naoffi with her clean Gothic frills and black lace skirt. I recommend a smart British outfit that’ll pair well with the Big Ben Clock lookalike.

If you’re looking for a photo studio that’ll give your displays a unique edge over others, then I definitely recommend LunarWorks Studio is for your shoot.

LunarWorks Studios, 21 Woodlands Close #05-38, Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854. Opening Hours: 9am-9pm daily.


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