Japan has a selection of public holidays which people look forward to every year, but none is more eagerly anticipated than Golden Week!

Taking place between 29 April to 5 May, the week is thus named for the collection of holidays gathered around this period. Here’s a rundown of the holidays during Golden Week:

29 April
Showa Day

Showa Day, or Showa no hi, is a celebration of Emperor Showa’s birthday. The emperor, also known as Hirohito, presided over the throne for 63 years till his passing in 1989.

3 May
Constitution Day

Also known as Kenpo Kinenbi (憲法記念日), it celebrates the formation of the post-war constitution in Japan, and editorials are encouraged to reflect on the meaning of democracy in Japan.

4 May
Greenery Day

Greenery Day, or Midori no hi, celebrates the love of Nature and plants. This holiday also celebrates the emperor’s love of plants and nature, and the day is spent raising awareness for the environment, as well as spending time in parks and gardens too.

5 May
Children’s Day

Known as Kodomo no hi, this holiday is characterised by the beautiful koinobori carp streamers that are hung outside the house! What do the carps represent? Well, it is said that carps transform into dragons when they swim upstream, so the carps represent children going through life and blossoming into dragons in their own rights. Delicacies such as Kashiwa mochi and chimaki are also a popular snack on this day too!

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