Choco Banana

Everybody loves a good banana. Long, thick and sweet. Chocolate coated bananas are the best way to go about it.



Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)

BALLS!! WITH BITS OF OCTOPUS IN THEM!! In Japan, they serve huge chunks of octopus with the balls. They’ve even got ONE GIGANTIC BALL enough to fit one chopped up tentacle of an octopus.



Yakisoba (Fried Soba)

For Singaporeans, the closest thing I can relate it to is Char Kway Teow wrapped in fried egg and served up with MAYONNAISE and bonito flakes. It’s a delicious treat to have as soon as the sun sets.




Hashimaki is made up of two words: Hashi (Chopsticks) + Maki (roll/rolled). It is basically like having a rolled-up Okonomiyaki with a chopstick stabbed into it. I like this better cause it’s easier to eat. I like to be neat when I eat actually.




It’s Hashimaki in its original, messier, form.