There is no such thing as a Matsuri (Festival) without food. Here are our top 15 picks, in no order of rank, that make Summer Festival all worth it:



Frozen Beer

Nobody attends Summer Festival without anything to keep them from overheating. The Sun loves to boast how hot he is. Maybe he should take a chill pill too……or a chilled beer……or a frozen beer.




Kakigori (Shaved Ice)

For Singaporeans, it’s basically eating ice kachang without the kachang and the atapchi. For westerners, it’s a snow cone that is not shaped into a ball and served in a bowl instead of a cone.


Ramune (Marble Soda)

What in Waraugumi’s name is that? Soda that is marble flavored? Soda made from marbles? No, duh. Have you lost your marbles? Marble soda is actually just a really good marketing strategy to get people to buy soda which comes with disaster when you pop it open. At the mouth of the bottle are a cap and a marble. The marble is a stopper. The idea is similar to wine and champagne when you pop the cork. For the marble, it drops inwards and the soda erupts, overflowing the same way a bottle of coke erupts after being shaken a couple of times. In goes the marble and out comes the soda. To make sure you don’t lose any soda from the eruption, pop it in and hold it tight for about 5 seconds until it stops fizzing. And like the first two treats above, it is best served cold.




Kudos if you can find this dish. Somen is another variation of Japanese noodles served soaked in cold water. It is consumed the same way most people consume cold soba – dip in tsuyu sauce. It’s thinner than soba and a dish best served cold.



Candy Apple

Used to be just red, now we’ve got blue ones too. In Japan, they’ve got it big and small. In Singapore, big and small don’t make a difference, both sizes are expensive. If you can find one in Singapore it’s still a blessing. Candy Apple melts nicely under the pressure of sun’s heat. Give it a couple of licks and you can start chewing it out of the stick that went right up its bottom.